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The Idaho Hunt Planner is an interactive search and mapping engine for our Hunting Regulations, but not the official printed rules available in pdf format online and and at local stores and license vendors.

  • Hunt Planner
    Answer what, where, when and how to display matching hunts. Use advanced options to refine your results using harvest statistics and drawing odds.
  • Trip Planner
    Your tool to search for multiple game animals and weapons.
  • Search Drawing Odds*
    Find current hunts that have historically had the drawing odds you desire.
  • Search Harvest Statistics*
    Current regulations tied to past harvest statistics.
  • Browse Harvest Statistics
    View tables of harvest statistics by Species, Weapon, Season and Year
    * Note that Hunt Planner will also search Drawing Odds and Harvest Statistics while limiting your results for a specific area and time period.
  • 2014 Hunt Harvest Statistics and Drawing Odd Summary
    Condensed table of harvest statistics and drawing ddds for 2014 hunt opportunities.

Hunt Area Maps

  • Map Center
    Make your own maps. Pan, zoom and overlay layers including hunt boundaries, topography, aerial photos and land management.
  • 2015 Hunt Area Map Index
    Find the hunt boundary you are looking for and jump directly to maps and information.
  • Download Shapefiles or Google Earth Layers
    Game Management Units, Elk Zones, Controlled Hunt Areas, Access Yes Properties and other layers from the Map Center.

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