Area Names:

Hunt Area 12-1

That portion of Unit 12 north of the Lochsa River from and including the Lost Creek drainage upstream to, but excluding the Crooked Fork drainage.

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Map of Hunt Area

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Public Access

Land Ownership

U.S. Forest Service (USFS) Graph illustrating 94.87% 94.87 %
Private Graph illustrating 4.84% 4.84 %
Other Graph illustrating 0.29% 0.29 %

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Ownership data source: Inside Idaho

Access Yes! Properties

No properties are currently available in Hunt Area 12-1.
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National Forests

Federally-designated Wilderness Areas

There are no wilderness areas in Hunt Area 12-1.

Land Use/Cover

Forest Graph illustrating 95.69% 95.69 %
Rangeland Graph illustrating 4.74% 4.74 %

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Land Use data source: IDWR


Lodging, Camping & Services in Hunt Area 12-1

* Services pages courtesy of the Official Idaho Travel and Tourism Guide