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Special Notes (follow hunt link for details)
  ¹ Youth hunting opportunity.
  ² Limited Access.
  ³ Motor Vehicle Restriction in all or part of this hunt.

Turkey Seasons

Controlled Hunt Upland Bird

Hunt 9017 Area 22-1 125 tags
9/15/13-10/9/13Bearded Tom Wild TurkeyShort-Range22-1¹
Hunt 9018 Area 31-1 20 tags
9/15/13-10/9/13Bearded Tom Wild TurkeyShort-Range31-1
Hunt 9019 Area 50-4 25 tags
9/15/13-11/30/13Bearded Tom Wild TurkeyShort-Range50-4¹
Hunt 9020 Area 54-4 50 tags
9/15/13-12/31/13Bearded Tom Wild TurkeyShort-Range54-4
Hunt 9021 Area 71-4 75 tags
9/15/13-11/30/13Bearded Tom Wild TurkeyShort-Range71-4¹³
Hunt 9022 Area 71-5 75 tags
9/15/13-12/31/13Bearded Tom Wild TurkeyShort-Range71-5¹
Hunt 9023 Area 73-1 150 tags
9/15/13-10/31/13Bearded Tom Wild TurkeyShort-Range73-1