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Shooting Range Development Grant

Monday, December 22, 2014 

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game hopes to preserve, protect and enhance firearms and archery shooting opportunities for the public and increase the awareness of the mission of the Department through cooperative partnership agreements. This grant provides available funds to organizations to establish, upgrade, expand and otherwise improve firearms and archery shooting ranges in Idaho. The Department will solicit proposals from organizations and other agencies for such projects and, where appropriate, assist with projects by providing partial financial support.

Projects will be evaluated according to established criteria, which will assess their potential to enhance shooting opportunities for the general public and Idaho’s hunter education program. Other considerations will include the extent of matching funds, labor, materials or other items of value available to complete the project.

The Application Process:
  1. Complete the Shooting Range Development Grant Application [PDF, 24 KB]. The application is also available from a regional office or the State Hunter Education Coordinator.  Supportive documentation, drawings, photos, etc. are helpful and encouraged. Regional staff may follow up with applicants for project clarification and forward all applications to the State Hunter education Coordinator.
  2. Fish and Game’s Shooting Range Grant Development Committee will convene prior to April 30 to review grant applications and determine recipients and dollar amounts.
  3. A Shooting Range Development Grant Cooperative Agreement will be completed and signed by department staff and successful applicants, with 75 percent of the total grant award dispersed by July 30.
  4. Grant projects must be completed and a final project report submitted to Fish and Game regional staff no later than June 1 of the following year. Following project inspection by Fish and Game regional staff, the remaining portion of the grant will be awarded to the recipient
  5. Weighted consideration will be given to applying organizations which actively support Idaho’s hunter/bowhunter education programs. To be eligible for such consideration, the application should include the number of club members who are hunter and/or bowhunter education instructors, the organization’s active assistance with the recruitment of new hunter/bowhunter instructors, and the ease and frequency of range use for hunter education classes and activities.
Last Updated: February 3, 2014 
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