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Sunday, May 29, 2016 

Listed below are a number of fun ways to get involved in fishing and to learn about fish and their environment.
  • Fishing Basics - Great tips to get you started - basic equpment needed, knot tying, cleaning your catch, etc.

  • Fish Identification - Learn to identify the game fish you're trying to catch including the habitats they're most likely to be found in.

  • "Take Me Fishing" Trailers - During the summer months these portable trailers are set up at local ponds, stocked with equipment and staffed with knowledgeable people ready to help kids and parents start fishing.

  • Free Fishing Day - The one day of the year when you don't need a fishing license to go fishing. If you've never been fishing, Free Fishing Day is a great day to learn!

  • Educational Fishing Field Trips - Idaho Fish and Game is committed to helping everyone learn to fish. To make it a bit easier, we can provide your school group with an educational fishing permit to use during your Fish and Game sponsored trip.

    Complete the Educational Fishing Permit form [PDF, 20 kb] and take it to your local Fish and Game office for approval. One current fishing license holder is required for the permit to be valid.

Who Pays for Aquatic
Education in Idaho?

Money for Idaho's aquatic education program comes from an excise tax placed on fishing and boating equipment sold in the United States. The money generated is distributed to the states for Sport Fish Restoration projects such as aquatic education. If you fish, you are helping others learn to enjoy this outdoor pastime too!

Sportfish Restoration - Federal program to enhance angler opportunities
Young angler with fish
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