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Clearwater Region Fishing Report

Friday, April 18, 2014 

Updated: Spring 2014

This report highlights the monthly stocking schedule (when stocking occurs) and links to some of the fishing shops and informational blog posts in the Clearwater Region.

Clearwater Region Fish Stocking Schedule, April 2014

Unless noted, fish listed below are all 9 to 11 inch rainbow trout. Stocking is dependent on river/lake/pond conditions (angler safety concerns); dates may change due to weather.
Body of Water Week to be Stocked Number to be Stocked
Mann Lake
April 21
Winchester Reservoir April 21 10,000
Spring Valley Reservoir April 28 10,000
Moose Creek Reservoir April 28 5,000
Waha Lake April 28 5,000

Check out these reports and blogs for the Clearwater Region:

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