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Clearwater Region Fishing Report

Sunday, May 29, 2016 

Updated for June 2016

This report highlights the monthly stocking schedule (when stocking occurs).

WINCHESTER, ID – Good news for Winchester Lake visitors this summer. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has successfully repaired the siphon at Winchester Lake, which allows the lake to be drawn down if emergencies arise. With the siphon now operational, permission has temporarily been granted to refill the lake up to full pool for the 2016 summer season. How full the reservoir gets is dependent on how much runoff remains. Fish and Game does not plan to lower the lake to proceed with investigation and repair of the dam until after Labor Day. For more information, feel free to contact Winchester Lake State Park at (208) 924-7963 or Idaho Department of Fish and Game at (208) 769-5010.

Clearwater Region Fish Stocking Schedule - June 2016

Unless noted, fish listed below are all 10 to 12 inch rainbow trout. Stocking of all waters is tentative and dependent on river/lake/pond conditions (angler safety concerns); dates may change due to weather or staffing constraints.
Body of Water Week to be Stocked Number to be Stocked Comments
Camp Grizzly Pond May 30-June 3 500  
Campbells Pond May 30-June 3 1,000  
Deer Creek Reservoir May 30-June 3 1,875  
Deyo Reservoir May 30-June 3 3,600  
Elk Creek Reservoir May 30-June 3 3,000  
Fenn Pond May 30-June 3 400  
Powell Pond May 30-June 3 400  
Wilkins Pond June 6-10 250  
Dworshak Reservoir June 6-10 2,325  
Elk Creek Reservoir June 6-10 1,500  
Five Mile Pond June 6-10 700  
Jaypee Mill Pond June 6-10 500  
Karolyn's Pond June 6-10 400  
Long Gulch Pond June 6-10 500  
Palouse River Pond June 6-10 500  
Fenn Pond June 13-17 400  
Powell Pond June 13-17 400  
Robinson Pond June 13-17 400  
Snake River Levee Pond June 13-17 750  
Tolo Lake June 13-17 300  
Deer Creek Reservoir June 13-17 2,500 Stocking 12" tiger trout
Campbells Pond June 13-17 1,000  
Karolyn's Pond June 20-24 400  
Robinson Pond June 20-24 400  
Tunnel Pond June 20-24 500  
Winchester Reservoir June 20-24 6,000  
Soldiers Meadow Reservoir June 20-24 1,500  
Moose Creek Reservoir June 20-24 1,500  
Spring Valley Reservoir June 20-24 4,200  

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