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Steelhead Fishing

Saturday, October 10, 2015 

Licenses and Steelhead Permits
Fishing for steelhead in Idaho requires a fishing license and a permit. Licenses can be purchased at Fish and Game offices, license vendors and online.

  • Fishing License - $25.75
  • Junior License (14-17 years) - $13.75
  • Steelhead Permit - $12.75

Note to Nonresidents: Starting in 2013, when you purchase a nonresident hunting license, it includes a 3-day fishing license. It does not include the steelhead permit.

  • Fishing License - $98.25
  • Junior Fishing License -$21.75
  • Steelhead Permit - $25.75
  • 3-day Steelhead License and Permit - $37.50

How To Videos

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From the Field

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Fishing Tales

Wednesday Jul. 8, 2015 by idfg-vosborn

We had a great salmon season and, as always, are sad the season is over. We caught quite a few big fish this year and it was a lot of fun. - Natalie

Natalie Hodson fishing the South Fork Salmon in 2015
Wednesday Jul. 8, 2015 by idfg-vosborn

Chinook angler effort was lower in all upper Salmon River location codes this past week, but catch rates remained good. Once again the majority of anglers were found in location code 19, near Stanley.

Thursday Apr. 16, 2015 by idfg-vosborn

The Potlatch River is a smaller little known river that flows into the Clearwater River about 15 miles upstream of Lewiston, Idaho.

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