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Steelhead Fishing

Thursday, June 30, 2016 

Licenses and Steelhead Permits
Fishing for steelhead in Idaho requires a fishing license and a permit. Licenses can be purchased at Fish and Game offices, license vendors and online.

  • Fishing License - $25.75
  • Junior License (14-17 years) - $13.75
  • Steelhead Permit - $12.75

Note to Nonresidents: Starting in 2013, when you purchase a nonresident hunting license, it includes a 3-day fishing license. It does not include the steelhead permit.

  • Fishing License - $98.25
  • Junior Fishing License -$21.75
  • Steelhead Permit - $25.75
  • 3-day Steelhead License and Permit - $37.50

How To Videos

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From the Field

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Fishing Tales

Tuesday Apr. 12, 2016 by idfg-vosborn

River conditions on the upper Salmon River changed considerably over the past week. River flows through Salmon, ID doubled and visibility was greatly reduced.

Tuesday Apr. 12, 2016 by idfg-vosborn

Fishing effort on the Clearwater river has continued to drop; the mainstem had very little activity.

Monday Mar. 14, 2016 by idfg-vosborn

Greetings, Activity on the main stem of the Clearwater has begun to dwindle with the majority of the effort taking place on the North Fork of the Clearwater.

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Friday Jan. 22, 2016
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Q: Does Fish and Game consider trapping Steelhead for Boise River from Riggins instead of Hells Canyon?
Monday Jan. 11, 2016
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Thursday Dec. 24, 2015
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Thursday Dec. 10, 2015
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Thursday Nov. 19, 2015
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