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Angler Guide to the Gem State

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 

For anglers, Idaho is truly a land of opportunity and variety. A dazzling array of waters await discovery as well as 42 species of gamefish. Whether you are a budding angler or a seasoned veteran, this guide can help you plan your next fishing adventure.

The guide contains information based on Fish and Games regions, allowing you to focus on specific areas in the state. The regional maps and charts (see the links on the right) will help you find waters to match your fishing preferences.

Download / View: An Angler's Guide to the Gem State - [PDF, 12 MB]

Download or View Sections

  • Game Fish Identification [PDF, 3 MB]
  • Section 1 - 6 pages. Fishing in Idaho, Fishing Basics, Family Fishing Waters, Panfish, Catch and Release, Bass Fishing - PDF, 4 MB]
  • Section 2 - 4 pages. Fly Fishing, Steelhead/Salmon Fishing, White Sturgeon, Invasive Species - PDF, 3 MB]
  • Section 3 - 4 pages. Ice Fishing, Wild Trout Streams, Mountain Whitefish - PDF, 3.5 MB]
An Angler's Guide to the Gem State

Regional Maps - Waters - Types of Fish - Facilities

Last Updated: March 15, 2013 
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