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Wolf Trapper Classes

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 

This Class is Required to Trap Wolves

  • This 8 hour class provides students with interactive, hands-on training from experienced, certified, volunteer trapper instructors.
  • Class curriculum includes wolf management; wolf trapping regulations and ethics; wolf habits and behavior; making, rigging and setting traps and snares; proper care for a wolf; reporting requirements.
  • Cost is $8.00 per student (online registration includes an additional convenience fee of $1.24).
You must sign-up (register) to take the wolf trapping class. Sign-up at links below:
or by e-mail:
Idaho rules require a wolf trapper class before purchasing a wolf trapping tag.
Please see the license, tag and permit fee page for prices.

Wolf Hunting and Trapping Seasons and Rules - [PDF, 995 kb]
Gray wolf
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