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Monday, May 30, 2016 

Hells Canyon / Photo by Renai Brogdon
Late Summer in Hells Canyon.

Licenses, Tags And Permits

Find the cost of a license, tag or permit. Fees are separated into resident and nonresident categories.

A hunting license is required to hunt. Some species do not require a tag or special permit. But a tag is required for all big game species. Tags are issued by specific species. A permit is required, in addition to a hunting license and tag, to participate in controlled hunts. Controlled hunt permits are issued by random drawing.

Any person 14 years of age or older must have a valid license or permit to fish in Idaho. Resident children under 14 years of age need not be licensed and may have their own separate limit. Nonresident children under 14 years of age if not licensed, must be accompanied by the holder of a valid fishing license and their fish must be included in the license holders limit or the child may purchase their own license and have their own limit.

Special permits are required for some fishing activities for both residents and nonresidents, such as salmon and steelhead and fishing with two poles (see the current seasons and rules for further information).

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for hunting and fishing licenses and tags are available at any Idaho Fish and Game office around the state.

Adult residents age 18 and over have to purchase their own license because they need to show proof of residency. An adult may buy a license or tag for their minor child.

Idaho Fish and Game gift certificates can be redeemed only at Fish and Game regional offices.

Several options and price ranges are available.

  • Lifetime licenses cost from $276.75 to $1,113.00, depending on the age of the recipient. See the Lifetime Licenses section.
  • Seasonal licenses sell for $7.25 for junior's hunting, to $124.25 for the Sportsman's Package.
  • An adult hunting license costs $12.75.
  • An adult fishing license costs $25.75.
  • More options.
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