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2012 Elk Hunter Survey Results

Saturday, February 13, 2016 

During the summer of 2012, Fish and Game partnered with the University of Idaho to conduct a random survey gathering the opinions and attitudes of Idaho Elk Hunters.
Perhaps you participated in this survey.

How the Survey was conducted:
  • The random survey was mailed to 6,200 hunters who purchased a general elk tag (A or B) in 2011
  • Hunters in all 29 elk zones received surveys
  • 2,786 elk hunters responded to the survey
  • This was the first statewide random survey of elk hunters in 25 years.

What’s important to idaho elk hunters:
  • Being able to hunt elk every year, and seeing a harvestable elk
  • Being able to hunt elk with family and friends, harvesting an elk
  • Being able to hunt for mature bull elk, while enjoying low elk hunter densities
  • 77% of 2012 survey respondents said they would miss Idaho elk hunting a great deal if they could not participate, compared to just 54% in 1987
  • 43% of the people surveyed in 2012 said it was extremely important to hunt elk with family, compared to just 28% in 1987.

Hillside Elk
This document is a comparison of common questions from the 2012 Idaho Elk Hunter Survey Results and the 1987 Statewide Rifle Elk Hunter Survey.

Survey Results


Survey Results by Zone

Hunters in the Hells Canyon and Owyhee-South Hills were not surveyed because these zones do not have general hunts (A or B tag).

  1. Panhandle Zone [PDF, 4.9 MB]
  2. Palouse Zone [PDF, 4.9 MB]
  3. Hells Canyon Zone
  4. Lolo Zone [PDF, 4.8 MB]
  5. Dworshak Zone [PDF, 4.8 MB]
  6. Elk City Zone [PDF, 4.9 MB]
  7. Selway Zone [PDF, 4.7 MB]
  1. Smoky Mountain Zone [PDF, 4.9 MB]
  2. Bennett Hills Zone [PDF, 4.9 MB]
  3. Big Desert Zone [PDF, 4.8 MB]
  4. Snake River Zone [PDF, 4.8 MB]
  5. Island Park Zone [PDF, 4.8 MB]
  6. Teton Zone [PDF, 4.9 MB]
  7. Palisades Zone [PDF, 4.9 MB]
  8. Tex Creek Zone [PDF, 4.9 MB]
  9. Bannock Zone [PDF, 4.6 MB]
  10. Bear River Zone [PDF, 4.7 MB]
  11. Diamond Creek Zone [PDF, 4.8 MB]
  1. Middle Fork Zone [PDF, 4.9 MB]
  2. Salmon Zone [PDF, 4.9 MB]
  3. Weiser River Zone [PDF, 4.8 MB]
  4. McCall Zone [PDF, 4.6 MB]
  5. Lemhi Zone [PDF, 4.8 MB]
  6. Beaverhead Zone [PDF, 4.7 MB]
  7. Brownlee Zone [PDF, 4.8 MB]
  8. Sawtooth Zone [PDF, 5 MB]
  9. Pioneer Zone [PDF, 4.9 MB]
  10. Owhyee-South Hills Zone
  11. Boise River Zone [PDF, 4.9 MB]
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