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Local Working Groups

Thursday, May 26, 2016 

Local Working Groups (LWGs) are the heart of Idaho's sage-grouse conservation strategy. LWGs provide a forum for people to discuss sage-grouse and habitat issues in their area, share knowledge for local planning, and build support for on-the-ground projects. With the help of Office of Species Conservation grants and other federal and nonfederal matching funds, LWGs have developed and completed many habitat improvement projects for sage-grouse.

Habitat improvement projects include reseeding sagebrush and native grasses and forbs after wildfire, and fencing wet meadows and springs to protect and improve late summer brood-rearing habitat.

Get Involved! Find a Local Working Group in your area. For more information contact: Ann Moser or call: 208-287-2705.

Completed Local Working Group Sage-Grouse Conservation Plans

Local Working Group Statewide Annual Reports

Idaho Sage-grouse Advisory Committee
Purpose: To provide funding, support, and information for meaningful sage-grouse conservation on the ground.

In addition to representatives from key agencies, this committee includes private citizens from agricultural and conservation groups and at least one member from each Local Working Group.

The Sage-grouse Advisory Committee's role is to:
  • Provide a forum for LWGs to work together to advise the state, share knowledge, and locate funding.
  • Provide advice to the IDFG Director and Commission on sage-grouse conservation and management issues.
  • Share information and perspectives with other state, federal agencies, and Congress.
  • Develop recommendations for on-the-ground projects funded by the Idaho Governor's Office of Species Conservation (OSC). The SAC reviews LWG and other project proposals annually and then makes funding recommendations to the Fish and Game Director and OSC Administrator.
Sage-grouse Advisory Committee Meeting Summaries
Last Updated: March 6, 2015 
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